Thursday, 9 August 2012

Secret Sanctuaries

Moving to a big city can often mean sacrificing that little patch of green we are sometimes guilty of taking for granted. However, city-dwellers need not despair! If you are lucky enough to have a balcony or perhaps a roof terrace (or even a window ledge!) there are loads of things you can do to bring nature that little bit closer to you.

Rooftop gardens have been growing in popularity for many years now. As our population continues to expand our green spaces have contracted. This is no more apparent than in major cities such as London and New York. The more resourceful amongst us began to make the most of what little outside space we had and the rooftop garden was born!

The Orchid Central Roof Gardens in Singapore (Chu Yut Shing)

Gardens can help bring peace and tranquillity, elements that are often lacking in heavily built-up areas. They also give those blessed with green fingers a chance to make something beautiful out of a tiny packet of seeds. All you’ll need to get started is:

·        Containers - These can come in any shape or form depending on your personal preference but be sure they aren’t too heavy for your outside space!
·        Soil / fertiliser - Plants in pots will need their soil changing every year and will need to be fertilized regularly
·      Tools - You’ll need far less tools to maintain your patch than a you would for a big back garden. Some gloves, a trowel and a pair of pruning scissors should do

But roof gardens can offer so much more than a slice of suburbia. In Singapore they’re put forward as a measure to help flooding, caused by the city’s dramatic growth and disrupted weather patterns. A quick fix perhaps but by installing gardens onto the city’s skyline, rain fall will be absorbed, preventing it from falling into the streets below – genius!   

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