Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Top 10 Expat Blog Posts

A re-cap of the most popular posts on Expat Explorer in June:

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1. How to make a long distance relationship work 
Now for the third month in a row this is our most read blog post. Love and relationships are obviously a key topic for expats, let us know if you want to share a story.

2. What are your top expat worries?
Our second most popular blog post looks at expat worries. Sorting out schooling and fitting in with the local community are all things for new expats to worry about.

3. Guest blogger series: Introducing...Chelsea Christensen
Chelsea Christensen guest blogs on her move to Italy for romance. Chelsea's story is a brave tale of giving up everything and making a big move for love.

4. The Rise of the Expat Mummy Blogger
This post is always a favorite, the top mummy bloggers give a rundown of their stories and the daily challenges they face as a mummy expat.

5. How to prevent the culture shock of repatriation and feel as if you've never left
Moving back home is a concern for many expats, for some it is as daunting as becoming an expat for the first time. Our 5th most popular blog post this month gives practical advice for those making the big move the other way.

6. Expat Entrepreneur: Doris Fuellgrabe, founder of building the life you want
For many moving abroad the question of work and having enough money to live is a big factor. Doris Fuellgrabe decided to switch countries and set up her own firm. Read her story.

7. The reality of Rome
One of our new blogs in June, we take a look at life in Rome and how it fares as a destination for expats. We take some figures from the 2011 expat survey about life in Italy.

8. Expat excellence featuring Emily Wachelka
In this guest blog Emily Wachelka discusses how to make your expat home feel like home, her top tip - get out as much as possible and talk to old people.

9. Expat women series: the truth about expat housewives
Is being an expat housewife all about going for lunch, shopping and sun? These women discuss leaving their career for a life abroad.

10. Top tips for repatriation  
Our second blog on repatriation in the top 10 this month, we offer more tips for those moving back home.

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