Friday, 1 June 2012

What are your top expat worries?

Moving abroad, whether for the first time or the fourteenth time, can be a stressful and hectic time for many people. Getting the logistics right, sorting out accommodation, notifying friends and setting up bank accounts… the list can be endless.

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What’s on your list? 

Expat Explorer is reaching out to expats to find out what is at the top of the worry list – are you worried about cultural adaptation, fitting in with the local community or new work place? Or are you more concerned about the day-to-day living, getting around in your new hometown or furnishing your new home?

For expat parents, you may have a different set of worries and concerns to couples or single person moving abroad – perhaps find the right school for the children and concerns about their safety and whether they enjoy life in their new home?

Over the coming weeks we’ll be putting together a list of top expat worries – so have your say! Leave a comment in the box below or on Twitter.

Expat Explorer returns for another year – bigger and better than before! If you want to have a say in what it’s really like to live abroad and share your expat experiences with others, then click here to fill in the Expat Explorer survey for 2012.


  1. As long as the school is sorted and we have somewhere to live, I am ready to go. The rest usually falls into place as and when.

  2. Fitting in and finding decent friends you can trust.

  3. My list of expat worries

  4. I worry about parents' health back home and not being able to get home if anything happens

  5. Forming a new social life! Especially when you can't really be close friends with your staff as you have to maintain that professional boundary with them.


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