Thursday, 7 June 2012

Top 10 Expat Explorer blog posts

A re-cap of the most popular posts on Expat Explorer in April:

1. How to make a long distance relationship work – For the second months in a row this is our most read blog post. Let us know if you would like to blog about how to make a long distance relationship work across different countries, time zones and lifestyles.

2. Expat Excellence featuring Emily Wachelka – The expat challenges Emily set herself – and challenges expats to do the same – have gone down extremely well. Settling in in a new country is not an easy task – if these challenges (or if you have your own) have helped you let us know!

3. Expat Excellence featuring Lexi Mills – Another expat guest blog tops the charts for May’s most read posts. Read all about her tips for moving abroad in an organised fashion – something many expats aspire to!

4. Guest Blogger Series: Introducing... Chelsea Christensen – This guest blog has been in the top 10 many times since it first graced Expat Explorer back in August 2010, a testimony to what a lovely story it is.

5. What's in your suitcase? – Travelling often makes up a large part of expat life, whether that is moving somewhere new, heading home to visit friends, or going on a well-deserved holiday to a new destination.  Our post on business travellers and what they put in their suitcase is a great read for any frequent flier.

6. Guest Blogger Series: Introducing… Ashley Thompson – Survivor of expat life in Japan, Ashley, reveals how to survive in a country where you can’t even read the local language! An interesting post, and well worth a read.

7. How to prevent the culture shock of repatriation and feel as if you’ve never left – Another post that has seen many top 10 posts lists. Whilst culture shock is in the forefront of many expats’ minds – repatriation often isn’t even considered. It is so easy to expect that “going home” will be a smooth and enjoyable transition.

8. I love Moscow because… - Based on an audio slideshow on the FT website, this post takes a look at expat life in Moscow, and all the vibrancy and opportunity that affords.

9. Are you an expat entrepreneur? – Looking at the stories of entrepreneurs taking on the added challenges of setting up shop abroad. If you fit this description let us know – we’d love to hear your experiences.

10. Top Tips for Repatriation – As the second post in this month’s top 10 talking about repatriation, it is clear that this is an important expat topic. Do you agree with these tips? Or do you have your own views?

Expat Explorer returns for another year – bigger and better than before! If you want to have a say in what it’s really like to live abroad and share your expat experiences with others, then click here to fill in the Expat Explorer survey for 2012.

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