Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Reality of Rome

Italy has always been a favourite haunt for tourists; the food, the sun, the easy going lifestyle; but what about making a permanent move? What do expats really think about Italy as a place to not only relax, but to work and bring up a family?

According to the findings of the 2011 Expat Explorer survey, expats living in Italy find most enjoyment in the local cuisine whilst finding the local amenities the greatest problem. In fact, the contrasts in Italy were perhaps greater than any other country featured in the survey, scoring high for quality of life but less well for services.

Picture source – Creative Commons

100% of respondents said they liked the local food whilst 70% of expats said that Italy offered a healthy diet. In contrast only 32% of expats found setting up utilities straight forward whilst only 27% found it easy to sort out personal finances. What’s more, only 30% of respondents were satisfied with the healthcare standards and as few as 23% found sporting facilities satisfactory.  

Despite some draw backs expats find Italy a great place to live which is understandable given that the climate ranked as number 1 in the world.

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