Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Expat Artist

Last year’s Expat Explorer revealed that one in ten expats (10%) worked in the marketing, advertising and creative sectors, compared to nearly one in three (29%) in financial services.

Whilst working in the arts may not be the immediate choice for people moving abroad, we came across some inspiring stories from expats on their experiences of working in the creative sector.
Claire Pamment, a theatre practitioner from England, for example shares a fascinating story of how she ended up working in a thriving grassroots theatre industry in Pakistan. In October of 2003, Claire was taken on by Beaconhouse National University to teach in their newly inaugurated theatre, film and television department. It was here where she fell in love with the flourishing theatre scene and decided to stay for long term.

Other avenues where expats have immersed themselves in the arts include those who go into writing or publishing. Serial expat, Jo Parfitt and writer, Chris Pavone are great examples of this. Chris recently completed his novel, The Expats during his time abroad and Jo is the author of nearly 30 books already, drawing from her life experiences in more than five countries.

In another example, Davina Garrido De Miguel from Russia turned her passion into her job having transformed her house into an artistic workplace. In the video below, from RT.com, Davina talks about her life as an expat in Russia and her love of Russian art and culture.

What sector do you work in and what have your experiences been? Leave us a comment below!


  1. Being the 'trailing spouse', this move has given me the opportunity to revive my training and get back into illustration and surface design. And I am loving it. I just need to brave the language barrier next and start selling some of it!


    1. That's really great to hear. Would love to hear from you on your experiences. Email expatexplorer(at)gmail(dot)com if you fancy guest blogging for us.

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