Thursday, 12 April 2012

Why expats love the porteños way of life

In the second instalment of the FT View from series, supported by HSBC Expat, the FT explores Buenos Aires, one of South America’s most historic and energetic cities.

With its gorgeous architecture, vibrant café culture and colourful artistic and literary scene, Buenos Aires offers a seamless blend of tradition and abundant opportunities for foreigners seeking new beginnings. This may be the secret behind why so many expats are attracted to the charm and enchanting qualities of this Argentinian city.

Source: Creative Commons/ Carlosoliveirareis

People who live in Buenos Aires are often referred to as porteños, meaning “person of the port”. We came across this article on The Real Argentina where the writer describes “porteño is more than just a geographical indicator, it’s a way of being. Porteños have their own slang (‘Lunfardo’), their own fashion, their own complex psyche and their own attitude.”

It is not surprising that expats in Buenos Aires tend to agree that the city offers a perfect balance of a modern and more relaxed lifestyle as experienced by Lisa Lazenby, a health food store manager. In this FT View from article, Lisa highlights the difference between the way of the life where she grew up in and the way of life where she now finds herself in:

“In America, we’ve been trained that efficiency is the utmost ideal and I think that is second or third for Argentines,” she says. “It teaches you lessons about other ways to live.”

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