Monday, 30 April 2012

I love Moscow because…

In a new series supported by HSBC Expat, the FT discovers what life as an expat living in Moscow is like and why some expats describe this enigmatic city as “heaven”.

Moscow is a city with deep historical and cultural roots. In this week’s audio slideshow, “Life on the edge of history”, six Russia-based expats talk about their experiences of living in this captivating city. 

Recounting the time when he first arrived back in 1994, Isaac Correa, a restaurateur from New York, says living in Moscow is truly a character-building experience. Despite the numerous ups and downs he encountered with his restaurant business, Isaac is still there after 17 years. Alberto Ponti, a helicopter manufacturer representative from Italy, feels the same. Enchanted by the city’s cultural appeal and attractions, Alberto feels mesmerised by Moscow’s unique qualities, which can take time to uncover. 

Often, the perception of Moscow for newcomers is that it can be very old-fashioned and backwards. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Once you get past the long, dark days and the cold weather, expats who settle in Moscow find a certain charm to the city, with many citing that it’s becoming an easier place to live. 

Alberto has some sound advice for those wishing to take up residence in Moscow, saying that people really need to understand the dynamics of the city to fully take advantage of the opportunities available.

The slideshow gives an interesting insight into life in this mysterious and enigmatic city which is fast-becoming a popular expat destination. 

What’s your perception of Moscow?

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  1. Love and Moscow are not words that come to my mind when talking about the giant car park aka Moscow. Smoke, cost and people are a more realistic comparison IMO!

  2. Hi English Dad in Moscow - we'd love to get your thoughts on the City. Would you be interested in guest blogging for us?

  3. Good post! I will say that living in Moscow without a local guide or friend with knowledge of Russian is VERY difficult. The first time I went with only 2 years of college Russian was a rather scary experience. However, when I went back with much more fluent Russian I had a blast!

  4. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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