Thursday, 1 March 2012

Top 10 Expat Explorer blog posts

Below are some of the most popular and most read posts of February. After an interesting look at the world of the mummy bloggers and some excellent guest bloggers we can’t wait to share next month’s posts with you!

Whether you are a mUmmy Blogger or a mOmmy Blogger here are some of the best blogs we’ve come across. Our expat community has loved reading about (and being featured on) this list and we’ve added lots of new faces to our blog list as a result! Let us know if you are a mummy (or mommy) Blogger and would like to get involved!

Our special guest blogger- Chelsea, an American expat who left her home country to pursue a new life in Turin, shares her story on successful expat romances.

Back in 2010, UK-based expat, Bryce Keane shared with us his tips and advice on integrating into a completely new country and was one of the most read blog posts that year. Find out what he has been up to two years on…

Candace Kuss, an American expat who’s been living in London for more than six years, told us all about her experiences of being away from home during the patriotic day – Superbowl Sunday.

A rising breed of expats – the expat entrepreneur – is featured in this blog post. We share some of our top tips for prospective expats thinking of setting up their own businesses.

Our first guest blogger of 2011 was freelance writer, Karen Phillips who shares a heart-rending account on dealing with the loss of a loved-one and the struggle of whether to stay-put in a foreign country or to go back home. This is a post that still touches the hearts of so many in our community.

This month in the spirit of St Valentine’s Day we followed up our post “What would you do for love” with some advice to overcome the obstacles of trust, communication and distance.

Back in 2010 we posted about reverse culture shock, a blog that went down a storm with the community. This topic is one that continues to resonate with expats across the globe. Do you have any top tips for combatting the culture shock of repatriation?

We love it when we hear from expats from around world and when South Africa-based expat, Sine Thieme got in touch and shared with us this beautiful account of her experience in South Africa, we thought it was only right to spread the love to the rest of our readers…

We regularly feature tips on Expat Explorer for a successful expat assignment and speak to many expats who are still enjoying their lives away from home but what about those who choose to come back and as it the place they remembered?

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