Monday, 5 March 2012

A Place in the Sun

Source: Creative Commons/ dubai_villa

The appeal of exotic lifestyles, better weather and greater job opportunities, coupled with the allure of relocation shows, such as “A place in the Sun” and “Location, Location, Location” certainly presents a strong case for people who are thinking about moving abroad.

We came across this brilliant post on Expat Forum on some of the top ten reasons why expats move abroad to begin a new life abroad including:

  1. Enjoy better weather
  2. Access to better employment opportunities
  3. The chance to begin a new life
  4. More favourable policies
  5. Better retirement options
  6. Safer living environment
  7. Improved standard of living
  8. Cost of living
  9. Romance
  10. Ability to travel the world
Many of these reasons resonate with the findings revealed in the Expat Explorer Survey.

Last year’s results found that expats who have taken the plunge and left their homeland say “broadening my horizons”, “better quality of life” along with “career development” are amongst the top cited benefits people experience since becoming an expat.

Living overseas can certainly offer the chance for escapism and the prospect for more exciting opportunities.

For those interested in living abroad, you may want to check out House Hunters International, who are currently looking for English-speaking expats to participate in the new series. Get in touch here.

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