Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Top 10 Expat Explorer blog posts

It’s that time of the month again where we re-cap on the most read posts this month. How many have you read?

  1. Expat Entrepreneurs – The most popular blog this month is one we published a couple of weeks ago on a rising breed of expats – the expat entrepreneur. In this blog post we share some of our top tips for prospective expats thinking of setting up their own businesses
  2. Lonely Planet- Friends for Friends – If you’ve just moved to a completely new country, navigating your surroundings can be tough. Lonely Planet has come up with a great Facebook app that helps you to find friends of friends in your destination city. Why not check it out now
  3. How to prevent the culture shock of repatriation and feel as if you’ve never left – Expat Explorer shares our five steps to minimise reverse culture shock
  4. Taking the plunge – getting employment in another country - After making the hard decision to move abroad on a long-term basis and deciding on the country to move to, we share these tips on how to get employment abroad
  5. Top tips for repatriationRepatriating seems to be a popular topic this month as we share more advice on how to face the challenges of returning home after a prolonged period abroad
  6. The Accidental Expat – Alexandra Lawrence – Sometimes opportunities come unexpectedly. Canadian-expat, Alexandra shares her account on how she become an expat by chance
  7. Finding work abroad and the challenges expats face – What are the wider challenges expats face when it comes to finding work abroad? Knowing where to look and how to start looking can be fundamentally different depending on the country. Why not share with us here the difficulties you’ve encountered finding work abroad
  8. Why do people become expats? - Often taking that first step in moving abroad is riddled with complications. In this post, we explore pros and cons and considerations potential expats should make before relocating
  9. Guest Blogger Series: Introducing... Chelsea Christensen – our special guest blogger- Chelsea shares her story on successful expat romances
  10. Expat in Toronto – First-time expat, Miranda Gulland shares with Expat Explorer readers her experience on moving to North America with work

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  1. Maybe it could really help people mentioning how important communities are to help people get used to new places. It's avoiding the solitude that's the hardest thing, especially for long-hour workers and stay-at-home moms - wives of expats that are sometimes totally stranded.


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