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How to make a long distance relationship work

Last week, we blogged about “What would you do for love” which looked at some of the film classics about long distance relationships. 

Making long-distance relationships work is tough, but not impossible. Here we share some advice to overcome the obstacles of trust, communication and distance:

Source: ConnectingSW

There are no regular relationships

This nugget of advice comes direct from the experts at popular dating site eHarmony on how to have a successful LDR. They suggest that the only way to accept your relationship is not by defining it as “abnormal” or “different”, just that it is not as local as many relationships. 

Communication, communication, communication

As with any great relationship, whether that is romantic, business, family, local or long-distance, communication is of the upmost importance. Jessica Reed at eHow caveats this with a little warning: try not to reply too much on non-verbal communication, such as email. There are many other, new ways to communicate that are cost effective and reliable. For more ideas see this post using technology to keep in touch.

Pursue common interests, even if it means pursuing them apart

It’s all well and good emailing each other throughout the day, sending little pictures on WhatsApp, and finding a time that suits both your time zones and schedules to Skype each day, but if you have nothing to talk about when you do it all may seem a little fraught. One suggestion is to do things together, apart. Perhaps read the same book, stargaze whilst on the phone to each other; come up with your own, innovative ways to bond.

Are you in a long distance relationship? What are your top tips? We’d love to hear about your innovative ways to keep the romance in the relationship. Leave us a comment in the box below.


  1. Really nice tips for a long distance relationship couple. Very useful, Thanks for the tips and advice.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment, do you have any tips for LDR couples?

  3. For me to make the long distance relationship work out, here are some of the tips that I can share since I am into one also.

    1. Open and constant communication.
    2. Serious commitment for one another.
    3. TRUST
    4. Being faithful and loyal
    5. More patience and understanding
    6. Always doing some out of the ordinary activities to always perk up the love you have for each other.

  4. very nice blog im in a long distance relationship doing great nice tips too

  5. I agree with all of Ukraine Women's list above, and I love the idea of persuing an activity together but separately.

    Brian and I dated for two and a half years long distance, and all of those helped. He moved to Brazil, so we learned Portuguese together. That came very much in handy when I finally moved there to be with him!

    Long distance dating was horrible, so the advice I always give to others when I hear they're doing the same thing is to know that the only other option is to not date that person at all. If giving up is not acceptable to them, then they have a chance.

    Now that we've been together for six years, and married for two and a half, I can say it was SO worth it, and a fantastic foundation for us because we figured out how to communicate really well those first couple of years.

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