Friday, 27 January 2012

Questions of the Day

This week Expat Explorer has been asking its Twitter followers about their lives as an Expat. Check out some of the answers below – and answer the questions yourself ion the comment box below!

David Kennedy, an expat from Dublin living it up on the Costa del Sol, says:

“Keep believing in yourself!!!”

This is a great tip for anyone adventuring off into the entrepreneurial world – but even more so for expats! In case you missed our last post of tips of expat entrepreneurs, here are the highlights:

Build some solid connections
Sign up to meet ups
Hire the right people
Knowledge and resource share
Develop the perfect pitch

Have you started up your own business abroad? We’d love to hear from you - what were your biggest challenges and achievements? 

Leave us a comment in the bow below!

Greg Lexiphanic, an expat living in Hong Kong, said:

“I became an expat for the lifestyle.”

Moving to a whole new country is a massive ordeal – so there must be something to make it all worthwhile! For some this is money prospects, either a better career, more disposable income or a more luxurious lifestyle. In the latest Expat Explorer Survey the country that came top for Economics was Saudi Arabia

One expat here gives a great tip:
“Bring a sense of humour, an open mind and expect the unexpected.”

If, like Greg, lifestyle is more your thing – whether that is a good social life, great food and a lovely local culture, our expats reported that Thailand is the best place to go! An expat living in Thailand says:

“Try to learn the language and take full advantage of the quality but reasonably priced healthcare.”

From Flickr

Nikki Moff, expat and third culture kid from Australia living in Durban, replied saying:

“wine & cheese night with girlfriends as husband away & no other Aussies in Durban”

Journalist Rebekka Hodges, and Australian expat living in the UK, wrote a great piece for The Australian Times about her first Australia Day abroad. She describes Australia Day as:

“a melting pot with all of the greatest elements of Australian culture coming together to form one harmonious day: daytime drinking; sunshine; water; music; and best mates. What more could you want?”

What did you do for Australia Day? Leave a comment in the box below! To compare what expats think of countries around the world, head over to the Expat Explorer Survey interactive site – and enjoy!

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