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NORC Country Series: Sweden

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Most people would agree that the first place to look when researching a country is a travel guide, such as Lonely Planet. After having a dig around, Expat Explorer found thishandy online overview of Sweden from the lovely people at Lonely Planet. It is brief, but gives you a flavor of what to expect so you can decide whether it sounds like it’s for you. Amongst the many articles that layout the benefits of moving to Sweden, the two most relevant ones come from The Swedish Wire on why childrenin Sweden have the best lives and Marie’ Claire’s The World’sBest Country for Women. Some of the reasons given in these articles are healthy lifestyles, small gender pay gap and long maternity leave period for men and women.

There are many useful resources to describe every aspects of Swedish life for a potential resident, the difficulty, often, is finding them. For those looking to live/work in Sweden here are a few key sites to check out before making any hasty decisions.
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For those who don’t work in a company that will post them in their desired country, trying to get a job may pose the most difficulty to achieving the dream. Sites such as EU JobCentre have many useful help documents to point any potential job hunter in the right direction, such as this page on internshipsin Sweden.
Sweden has many, many benefits to offer residents; some of the more concrete ones are listed here, at The lovely ladies at Expat Women have put together this useful list of resources for women looking to relocate to Sweden, and is very useful.
Depending on what you are looking to get out of your move to Sweden, if you like it you may want to stay there in the long term. To be successful in achieving this, a little career advice could go a long way. Whether you are a jobseeker, a businesswomen or just want to dowell, have a read of these articles to get you going.

Key factsfrom BBC
Full name: Kingdom of Sweden
Population: 9.3 million (UN, 2010)
Capital: Stockholm
Area: 449,964 sq km (173,732 sq miles)
Major language: Swedish
Major religion: Christianity
Life expectancy: 80 years (men), 84 years (women) (UN)
Monetary unit: 1 Swedish krona = 100 ore
Main exports: Machinery and transport equipment, paper products, chemicals
GNI per capita: US $48,930 (World Bank, 2009)
Internet domain: .se
International dialling code: +46

Do you live in Sweden? Share your experiences with us about your time there. Would you like to live in Sweden? Ask us your questions and we will try and find out for you! Comment below, or tweet us @ExpatExplorer.

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