Thursday, 8 December 2011

Expat Explorer Survey findings released! Money doesn’t buy happiness for expat children!

Expats from across the global rated their current countries on quality and cost of childcare, the health and wellbeing of their kids children, and how they integrate into the community. The findings revealed France (1st), the Netherlands (2nd) and Australia (3rd) to be the top places for raising children abroad!

Children in these countries appear to lead a much healthier lifestyle: they are more likely to be spending more time outdoors (France 53%, Netherlands 53% and Australia 75%) and playing sport (France 47%, Netherlands 56% and Australia 81%) since relocating than average (47% and 46% respectively).

However, expats living in these countries benefit from a child friendly environment at the cost of wider economic benefits. These countries find themselves towards the bottom of the rankings in the Expat Economics league table (France 28th, Netherlands 29th, Australia 21st), revealing that expats in these locations are less likely to benefit from higher salaries or accumulate luxuries.

Are you raising children as an expat parent? What do you think of the country you live in? Let us know in the comments box below. And you can check out the full results by clicking here.

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