Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Expat Economics – Good news for expats!

Expat wealth remains robust in spite of global economic conditions!!

Across the world economic unrest has unsurprisingly impacted expat’s confidence in the strength of their host country economies; one third of expats globally say there has been deterioration in their local economy since the beginning of 2010. However it’s not all bad news as the findings of the 2011 Expat Explorer survey show that expat wealth remains widely resistant to these economic troubles, even in countries which have, unfortunately, experienced a certain amount of turbulence over the past year.

A massive 97% of expats in Egypt believe that their economy has deteriorated since 2010, alongside 92% of expats in Bahrain and 80% of expats in Japan. Expats in these countries are also more likely than average to report that their economy is weak: Egypt 77%, Bahrain 40% and Japan 40%.

However, despite this negative economic outlook, expat finances in these countries remain resilient to the wider troubles. Egypt find itself 2nd out of 31 in the Expat Economics League Table, which ranks countries based on a number of factors such as earning levels, disposable incomes and ability to accumulate luxuries. Bahrain and Japan also perform strongly, ranked 10th and 12th respectively in this league.

Furthermore, expats in these areas are better off financially. More than half (52%) of expats in Bahrain have much higher disposable incomes than they did in their home country, as well as 58% of expats in Egypt and 38% of expats in Japan, compared with the global average of 35%.

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  1. Fascinating survey! Yeah I feel I am better off financially living in the USA than if I'd stayed in the UK. I guess I should count my blessings.


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