Monday, 5 December 2011

The 2011 results of the Expat Explorer Survey revealed today!

Now in its 4th year, the 2011 survey reached 3,385 expats from over 100 countries and is the world’s largest ever global survey of expats! Many of you participated in the survey, so a big thank-you for helping Expat Explorer! In case you are new to the Expat Explorer, it covers every aspect of living life abroad, including questions relating to expats’ finances, the impact of economic, political and social factors on their current country and even how recent natural disasters have affected their experience of living life as an expat.
You can explore the findings for yourself here and discover the places that expats have rated highly for the things that are important to you. You can also see all of the results of the survey broken down into interesting stories here. The Expat Explorer Twitter feed and this blog will also be keeping you up to date with interesting findings  and answering your questions about the results – so if you have a question, just ask!

Just to whet your whistle, here are a few of findings that you might find interesting from each section of the survey:

Quality of life and Expat Experience:
The UK finds itself in the bottom quartile in this year’s Expat Experience league table in the Expat Explorer report, coming 29th out of 31 countries overall. Despite this, it is the 6th most popular choice in terms of an ideal expat destination.

The Expat Explorer 2011 findings show that Facebook ranks as the top social media channel among expats, with 69% choosing to stay in touch using this method and two fifths (39%) using the channel twice a week or more to share the latest news with loved ones at home.

Expat Economics:
Expat wealth remains widely immune to global economic troubles, even in countries which have experienced significant turbulence over the past year.
Expats have weathered the Eurozone crisis and even though the UK is in the bottom half of the Expat Economics league table (23rd), it performs well against its EU counterparts on these criteria, ranking behind only Switzerland (5th) and Belgium (21st).

Almost half of expats in the UK feel that the economy has deteriorated since the beginning of 2010. However, only 25% of expats here in the UK believe that the economy will continue to deteriorate compared to 44% in Italy and 38% in Spain.

Raising Children Abroad:
Countries which offer the greatest benefits for expat children in aspects such as settling in to their new country, general health and standards of childcare are less likely to be able to deliver economic advantages such as greater overall wealth, disposable income, and luxuries.

France ranks first in the Raising Children Abroad league table in the Expat Explorer report, with the Netherlands (2nd) and Australia (3rd). Children in these countries appear to lead a much healthier lifestyle and likely to be spending more time outdoors and playing more sport.

We would love to hear your thoughts, so have your say and ask your questions on these interesting results in the comment box below! 

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