Monday, 17 October 2011

Are you watching the changing of the seasons where you are in the world?

Across the globe the extent to which the passing of the seasons affects the weather varies dramatically. The extreme changes occur in places nearer to the poles, such as the northern most tip of Alaska, where there are two months of winter when the sun doesn't rise and 85 days straight of sunlight in summer.

Compare this to countries nearer the equator where the temperature doesn't vary so much throughout the day or year and only have two seasons, rainy or dry.

So what has sparked this topic? Many expat bloggers have started posting about how much they love fall/autumn. From the food and the weather, to the holidays and the Christmas planning, many expats are raving about this time of year as their favourite. 
Dear England, Love Canada

" ... a melancholy season, bewitchment for the eyes ..." 
-  Alexander Pushkin  (1799- 1837)

The quote here was featured on the blog It's an Expat Life in a post about autumn in Russia, with a lovely picture taken whilst flying into Sheremetyevo Airport recently and admiring the beautiful golden leaves that Pushkin may be referring to in the quote above.

The picture above is from the blog of Anne Kostalas called Dear England, Love Canada, who states many reasons for loving autumn in this lovely post, Autumn Colours or Fall Colors - It's all Good!  Anne writes about her enjoyment of Thanksgiving, which is not only celebrated almost a month earlier in Canada than in America, but a novelty to her as it is not celebrated in her native UK.

Sarah Bittorf expresses her love of autumn in Ghent, Belgium in her post Fall is Here. She is looking forward to lots of home cooking, brisk walk, dressing and and decorating the house, activities which so many people fondly associate with autumn.

Expats in Ghent

All of which, naturally starts expats thinking of home, what the seasons are doing in the country where they grew up and in many cases, of whether or not they are returning for the Christmas vacation. Britney of Arabia has a very accurate account of attempting to make Christmas plans for the family (do you go to them, or them to you) which many expats will be all too familiar with in her post They're Coming! 
Twins Mummy Blog
An expat in Dubai with young twins gets a very surprising answer when she tries to find out how much they know about Christmas, and what they would like for their presents - purple! 

So, what are you enjoying about fall or autumn. Are you in a country where there is little change between the seasons and missing the cooling of the weather heading into winter. Or possibly you are experiencing seasons for the first time, what's your experience? Share your story in the box below, or tweet us @ExpatExplorer


  1. I live in Provence and it was only the past couple of days that Autumn has finally decided to show up. I'm excited for the cooler temperatures, the sweater, boots, and cozy nights sitting in by the fire. And of course... the countdown to Christmas!

  2. I do miss fall in the midwest, but fall in England is not too shabby.

  3. Isa Kaufmann said...Yeah fall is beautiful here in Baltimore. Beautiful red leaves falling, warm weather and getting ready for Halloween. I'm Bat Girl this year!


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