Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Preview of Expat Life in 2011

Expat Explorer always aims to provide expats living across the globe with interesting and useful information, in the hope that it makes life as an expat that little bit easier. Well, today is no different. Very excitingly, ahead of the full Expat Explorer Report launch in November, the preliminary results of the Expat Explorer 2011 Survey have been released this morning and can be viewed by clicking here.

If you are new to the Expat Explorer Survey, it is the biggest survey of its kind, now in its 4th year and surveyed 3,385 expats from over 100 countries to bring you fascinating insights into expat life everywhere.

For example, did you know 63% of expats surveyed have more disposable income since relocating? And despite an optimistic economic outlook amongst expats generally, only 64% of expats intend to remain in their current country?

Six new countries have been added this year, and the league table has changed dramatically. Plus, Thailand is the number one expat destination when compared globally across economic and lifestyle factors taking the top spot from Bahrain in 2010.

Expat Explorer will be updating you with the full results, trends and insights in November when the Expat Explorer Report is released, but for now check out the preliminary findings here. What trends have you noticed over the past year as an expat? Are you planning to stay where you are? Leave a comment in the box below or send a message on Twitter to @ExpatExplorer.

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