Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Peace Day

This Wednesday, September 21st, is Peace Day, a day of cease fire in every country in the UN, and a day for the celebration of peace across the globe.

Regardless of whether the country that you are living in, from or transiting through is in the UN, in peace time or war time, September 21st is a day that reunites families, brings together people who may never have met before and spurs them on towards a common goal.

Last year many people across the world arranged events to raise awareness not only for Peace Day, but for the causes that it aims to stop. In London people walked barefoot, these students in Logan, Utah spelled out Peace One Day by lying on their school field, Paris held the official Peace One Day benefit concert. This just goes to show the absolute range of things that you can do to contribute to Peace Day this Wednesday.

This year, find out what is going on in a town near you and join in, you might just meet some dear friends as well as helping a good cause. And, as always, let us know what you get up to!

Just to get you going, here are Expat Explorer's top ten everyday things you can do to promote peace on Peace Day:

  1. Smile more than usual. A smile can turn someone's day around, it can cheer them up and help them to spread happiness as well.
  2. Specifically only buy products that are fair trade and from companies that promote peace in the countries that they work. It might take a bit of homework, but it is worth it.
  3. Ban all bickering from your home and workplace. Smiles all round please!
  4. Try and understand everyone's point of view, whether you agree with it or not, see what you learn.
  5. Say sorry first.
  6. Support a charity with your time or money that promotes peace locally, nationally or internationally. Every little helps!
  7. Show and share your support of the cause by downloading the Peace One Day app here.
  8. Tell someone else about Peace One Day and encourage them to do something to support it.
  9. Watch a documentary that supports peaceful relations, like this one.
  10. Pledge to extend your personal Peace Day for longer than one day.

One final video before you go though...

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