Friday, 26 August 2011

The University Puzzle

Every year thousands of British expats return home to go to university, and many more expats from across the world decide to come to the UK to study. But with an ever growing range of options available to those approaching university age many parents and their children alike are wondering which to choose and the pros and cons of each. This post aims to explore the option of going to university overseas and the benefits that this option can afford you.

For many taking a gap year is a dream come true, offering the chance to go to places which they have never been before and explore new parts of the world. However this is an expensive option that not everyone can afford with many people preferring to go straight from school to university.

In these cases embarking on a university course abroad can combine study and travel, without having to take a whole year out between. But there are many other benefits to studying in a foreign country that may (or may not) not have been considered; it’s not all about the time or the money.

With the job market for graduates getting increasingly competitive the world over, a foreign/international university and the experiential factor of this can help build a CV and make it stand out from the crowd. With Mandarin being a key language for business and a heavy investment in their universities, China is fast becoming a popular university destination for those who want to study abroad.

For those looking to study abroad it’s important to be sure your course and destination of choice has everything that you want. The only way to achieve this is research, hard work and perseverance. And it might help to have a look at this article from the Huffington Post.

In case you missed it, earlier today we tweeted this great article which explores the idea of raising global children being an important part of becoming a 21st century citizen. With this in mind perhaps a global education is something more people will consider? In our previous posts we have also discussed other back to school tips that might be of interest for helping your younger children start a new school (although starting somewhere new is always scary, so is a good read for all the family).

If you or your child is looking into going to university abroad here are Expat Explorer’s top five websites to visit:

1. Overseas Universities with Classes Taught in EnglishIf you are looking to study abroad the chances are that you will want to be studying in English. Here is a great list of schools across the globe which teach in English.

2. The Center for Global Education – This little resource will help you explore the options that are open to you regardless of what language you want to be taught in. It’s a really easy to you application that gives you information on a much broader range of universities.

3. QS Top University Country Guides – If you already have a country in mind that you would like to study in have a look for it in this list. You will find great nuggets of information such as league table results, latest education news country facts and figures.

4. Study Abroad: Student Handbook – Another great resource from The Center for Global Education. Some great tips on finances, a comprehensive list of questions to consider throughout the process and a first rate to do list.

5. Global Student Experience – Not sure about spending the whole of your degree in an international university or aboard? Here is a great source of information about shorter study abroad programmes that will bolster any degree.

Have you studied abroad? If so share your experience with Expat Explorer, it’s always great to hear from our readers.


  1. Nice post, thanks! It's a really valuable experience to be able study abroad. I studied in the Netherlands, but I was able to study in Edinburgh, Scotland for a couple of months. I enjoyed it. I loved the hill walking club! Have you heard of the book: A Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition by Tina Quick? I would highly recommend it to students going abroad to study and returning from abroad to university!

  2. Hi there, thanks for the comment. Your blog is really interesting.
    Haven't come across that book before, but thanks for the recommendation, really useful for those looking into university abroad. Glad you enjoyed your time in Scotland and your hill walking!

  3. French school lyon-Every year there are many students who come to foreign countries to pursue a language course.


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