Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Emerging Expat Hotspots

Today we spotted an article which looks at the growing trend of Brazilian expats who are returning to their home country to take up managerial roles.

It would appear that Latin America’s largest economy is in need of home grown talent to help steer it on the right path as it becomes more closely aligned with the world economy. This demand for senior expatriates can clearly be seen by the huge salaries experienced expats can look to receive. A chief executive in Brazil’s financial capital can look to earn an average of $620,000 excluding bonuses, compared with $574,000 in New York and $550,000 for top bosses in London, according to the article.

In our 2010 Expat Explorer survey we found that the BRICs (Brazil, India, Russia, China) emerged as expat hotspots hotspots. Scores for expats in these countries were higher than average when looking at a number of economic factors including earnings, career development, improved economic outlook and the ability to save. Expats in these countries were also more likely to believe that their economies were on the up especially those in Brazil, with over two-thirds (69%) believing the economic situation had improved over the past year compared to a 22% worldwide average.

As this year’s Expat Explorer results come in it will be interesting to see how the BRIC’s have fared since last the last report or if we will see any new economic hotspots emerge.

In the meantime, have you had any desire to return to your home country for career-based reasons? Or perhaps you have began a successful career in an emerging economy? Let us know, we always love to hear from you.

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