Monday, 8 August 2011

Dating 101 no longer exists

So, you’ve made the big move, got the new house, amazing new job, and then you think, that perhaps you would like be sharing this momentous occasion with someone special.

But how do you find them?!It is tricky enough in one’s own country without the added pressure of being abroad.

Expat Explorer has had a good old’ think on your behalf and come up with a few expat dating tips we think may be useful

1. Think outside the box

Everyone thinks about the type of person they would see themselves with, so why not channel this into thinking about different venues and meeting places that would overlap with both your interests. So if you are a massive culture vulture, head to the museums and art galleries, go on the guided tours, you never know who is around the corner!

2. Consider online

Once considered a massive taboo, online dating sites are now very much in vogue. They offer the ideal ground for expats to start their dating search. It’s safe and harmless, and means you can get to know people before making the plunge into the unknown.

3. Do your homework

If you want to date locals or fellow expats put in the hours, get to know the culture and make an effort to learn the cultural differences. This could make a major impact on how you are perceived and equally how you interpret what could otherwise be very confusing behaviour!

4. Confine Mr and Mrs Right to the myths cupboard

Ah yes, the perils of Mr and Mrs Right. The list everyone has of the ideal partner which often can prove a barrier to dating. Dating in a foreign country can be fraught with complications which could mean that people get over looked so we say ditch the presumptions. As an expat you will meet people from all walks of life so don’t limit yourself by nationality or language. By doing this, you will not only broaden your horizons but you may also meet new friends through it to!

5. Contacts, contacts contacts

You will be amazed about how many people you know, friends of friends, colleagues siblings etc, so ask around! Don’t be afraid to express an interest in dating and you never know who may come out of the wood work! How many times have we heard the phrase “We met through colleagues, brother’s friends, sister’s cousin.”

6. Safety first.

Although not a tip per se, we thought we should add in that whatever happens, never put yourself in a situation where you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Make sure you meet people in public places, and always tell someone where you are going, and who you are with!

Any other tips out there for the expat dating community?! We would love to hear them!

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