Monday, 13 June 2011

To tip or not to tip....the importance of local customs

The transition from your home to host country can be a daunting to say the least but when the culture you are faced with is completely different to that of your own, how easy it is it to make?

Here at Expat Explorer this got us thinking...

What seems normal to you might be totally bizarre in your destination country so we have had a little dig for some interesting customs you could be faced with when moving abroad. Enjoy!

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Giving a gift in Thailand? Avoid wrapping your present in green, black or blue as these are colours traditionally used at funerals and in mourning.


No need for stuffy table manners! It is normal in China for your fellow diners eat with their mouth open, or talk with their mouth full. The Chinese love to eat, laugh and have fun whilst eating.


Have you been invited to a wedding? Then keep schtum! The Danes believe that holding a public ceremony will infuriate ghosts...


Celebrating your first Christmas in Spain? You won’t be able to tuck in to your Christmas dinner until after midnight! After the meal, family members gather around the Christmas tree and sing Christmas carols. The rejoicing continues through the wee hours of the morning.


Unlike most European countries it is considered quite an insult to tip in Japan, where a price is a price. This goes for cabs, restaurants and personal care too. When you have already paid the asking price, why pay more?

Do let us know of any more customs strange customs you’ve come across and whilst at it, why not take part in our 2011 Expat Explorer Survey and share your experiences of life overseas.

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  1. Actually, in Japan the tip is already figured into the price, thus there is no need to give extra on top of it.


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