Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Findings work abroad and the challenges expats face

The impact of unrest in the Middle East on the expat community looks set to continue as King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz this week pressed ahead with his programme of Saudisation and attempts to tackle the country’s major issue of youth unemployment. As an interesting article in The National outlines,the private sector in Saudi has been given an ultimatum, cut the expat payroll or face a penalty.


This got us thinking about the wider challenges of expats finding work abroad. Interviews, CV’s and even scouring the classified advertisements are a fundamentally different proposition in another country with different languages and customs. What difficulties have you experienced?

As the findings from our 2010 Expat Explorer survey show, 57% of expats move abroad in search of better career/financial prospects but how smooth a journey is this? It’s true that emerging expat hotspots such as Brazil, Russia, India and China offer the biggest financial rewards but does this come easily or is the expat journey a complex one of compromise and trade off?

Please do tell us your thoughts as well as any tips you might have for finding work overseas. Also why not take part in this year’s Expat Explorer survey and share your experiences of living and working abroad?

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