Monday, 6 June 2011

Expat workers, a force for good?

Last week there were a number of articles reporting on the new rules in Saudi Arabia limiting the stay of expatriate workers. Economists say that this could have sweeping effects on economic growth and productivity in the region that relies heavily on its foreign workforce. Whilst these laws are largely viewed as a positive move to tackle high levels of unemployment amongst young Saudis, laws that raise the cost of hiring locals and make it difficult for companies to employ foreigners will undoubtedly cause upheaval amongst Saudi’s businesses.

This recent example has left us thinking about the global makeup of a countries work force- what is the right balance between expat and local workers?

There are countless examples of expat work forces strengthening and contributing positively to a region’s economy and community. Most of us work alongside a range of people from across the globe and for the most part we don’t give it a second thought. We have become migratory and moving overseas for work is now common place so should there still be a distinction between expat and local workers? What value do you feel expats add to the economy?

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