Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Calling all expats in Russia!

It’s the final countdown for this year’s Expat Explorer Survey and as we draw to a close we take a look back at the countries that made a splash in last year’s survey findings and those who still need to qualify for this year’s!

Last year expats in Russia were ranked the wealthiest in the World with 36% of expats earning over $250,000. Over three-quarters (85%) said they have more disposable income since moving and over three-quarters (76%) were able to save more since relocating. The country was seen as a good choice for those looking for financial gain or to progress their career, with 76% of expats moving there for this reason and just under a quarter (24%) of expats moving from the finance and banking industry. Increased costs mean that those based in Russia were likely to face higher prices for everyday items than in their home nation. 76% claim that food and drink is more expensive in Russia when compared to their home nation and over half (55%) agree that housing is also more expensive.

However, public transport was one area where expats make a saving when compared to their home nation; only 18% see spending on public transport as more expensive, compared to an overall average of 27%. Although Russia only scores 15th on the luxury scale, expats based there were still more likely to have domestic help (48% vs. 37%), own more than one property (27% vs. 18%) take more exotic holidays (67% vs. 46%) and own their own business (21% vs. 14%) than in their country of origin. However, the economic situation in Russia in 2010 did prove to be a worry for some expats. 45% of expats based in Russia agreed that the economic situation within the country had worsened in 2010, even though only 4% of those who thought the economy hadn’t improved are actively looking to move home.

Highlights from 2010

· Overall ranking: 1st out of 25
· Income: 2nd out of 25
· Disposable income: 1st out of 25
· Luxuries: 15th out of 25
· Wealth Hotspot: 1st out of 25

This year however we still need respondents for Russia to qualify so we are encouraging all expats in Russia to complete the survey to make sure they are represented in 2011. So now you’ve been reminded of the findings from last year let us know how 2011 compares and make sure you have your say!

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