Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Expat Explorer returns again in 2011

Today marks the official launch of HSBC Bank International’s 2011 Expat Explorer Survey. Now in its 4th year Expat Explorer is the largest global survey for expats, where expats worldwide can have the chance to share what it’s really like living and working overseas.

We have seen a steady increase of respondents to the survey over the years and last year was no exception with over 4,100 expats taking part from 100 countries across the globe. However even though the numbers are increasing we want to make sure that this year we get even more respondents to ensure that more countries make it into the 2011 Survey.

With the launch of our new online Expat Explorer tool earlier this year we are excited to update it with the latest data from the 2011 Survey. That’s why we are asking you to share the survey with your friends, family and colleagues to help us capture as many expat insights as possible.

Some of the key insights from last year’s survey included learning how expats had adapted their lifestyles to the changing economic climate. Many expats thought their economy had declined over the previous year, so we’re interested to see the changes expats have experienced since then.

Other key findings from the 2010 research included:

Emerging economies remain on top for expat finances
Wealth gap continues to widen between the East and Mainland Europe with Russia home to wealthiest expats, followed by the Middle East
BRIC countries emerging as expat hotspots
Thailand, Canada and Bahrain were the top three locations for improved expat lifestyle
Expat children live a better life away from home with Belgium ranking as the best place to raise expat children

The 2011 survey will continue to delve into the issues close to expats’ hearts and discover how their lifestyle, economic outlook and experience of raising a family abroad has changed following their move to a new country.

So if you’re an expat and want to find out how your country ranks, how your fellow expats are coping or even where your next trip might take you, make sure your voice is heard and get involved today by filling in the Expat Explorer 2011 survey at http://www1.gfk-wi.com/wix/p123914242.aspx?WT.mc_id=EPC331 .


  1. In the Expat Explorer 2011 survey, "Romania" is not listed as a possible country-choice.
    1. Romania IS a country ;)
    2. I happen to be an expat living and working there ;)
    Pls. correct. Tx.

  2. Hi Eric,

    If the country you are looking for isn't listed you can select 'other option' and add it in that way.

    Your responses are much appreciated!

    Please feel free to pass on to your expat friends in Romania as a country needs 30 respondents to be included and it would be great to ensure that Romania is one of them!

    Many Thanks


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