Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Expat Guides to Finance- Tax

Holding on to a little bit more of your pay check can be a contributing factor in a decision to move abroad- as our Expat Economics Survey suggested with 29% of the expats we spoke to in our research citing tax efficiency as one of the top 5 benefits of relocating. However whilst the possible benefits of lower tax in some countries might sound appealing it is important that every decision made is an informed one and you are fully aware of types and rates of tax you will be expected to pay in your new home.

Types and rates of tax- what can you expect to pay?

* Domestic tax laws of your new home
* Income tax
* Capital gains tax
* Sales and regional taxes.
* Some countries require residents to pay a compulsory social security contribution towards the cost of medical care and other public services

So if you're motivated to move for money make sure you do your research and check out the expat guides to finance otherwise you may find yourself in a taxing situation!

Have you escaped to a haven or is it all a bit to taxing? We would love to hear you stories here....

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