Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Thanks For Your Feedback

This week marked the launch of HSBC Bank International’s brand new interactive resource Expat Explorer and since then we have spoken with many of you who have been kind enough to share your thoughts with us.

We were pleased to see how many of you have enjoyed using tool. You have told us that you like the simplicity and that you found it visually interesting and very user-friendly. You have also told us how the personal anecdotes helped personalize the data so it wasn’t just another boring survey.

We have also enjoyed seeing on twitter how you have shared the results of countries where you live and have heard how you have enjoyed making comparisons with the different search criteria.

There have also been some suggestions for improvement. We are always trying to improve the survey to make it as beneficial as possible to expats so hearing directly from you is a great contributor to the learning process.

If you have any further thoughts or comments please let us know because we wouldn’t be experts in expats without your feedback......

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  1. Congrats! I appears to be a success and thank you for inviting me to take a sneak peek. I enjoyed the informative video in the previous post, plus the woman's voice is so soothing.


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