Monday, 21 March 2011

Expat Explorer get interactive! The new tool goes live.....

The day has finally come! Today marks the grand unveiling of HSBC Bank International’s brand new interactive resource Expat Explorer. It’s something that we’re very proud and designed with you in mind to provide a truly global picture of expat life. So read on to find out more and remember “if you were looking to move abroad what would you want to know?” Even better why not check out the tool now by clicking here.

So what exactly is the tool and more importantly why should you use it? As you know our annual Expat Explorer survey provides us with a wealth of data and our new resource is set to give you all unprecedented access. Our latest gadget contains the compete 2010 data set from the survey’s three reports; Expat Economics, Expat Experience and Offshore Offspring and gives users the chance to interact with the findings through data visualisations and compare countries across a range of criteria.

The resource provides highly visual results through a variety of graphics and charts including league tables, country comparisons and rankings. Each output generates its own specific URL so you can even share your findings with your expat friends! The data is also accompanied by a number of expat case studies across different locations to provide you with human insight and not just numbers.

We’ve even made a cool little video to give a snapshot of the kind of information you’ll be able to discover.

We know that a move abroad can be a daunting prospect and research on potential destinations can seem an endless task. We hope the new resource will have something for everyone, from those interested simply in where their country ranks to would-be expats and regular movers looking for their next location.

But enough talking about it, we want you to try it and tell us what you think. Click on the link below to view and share with the expat community....

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