Thursday, 17 March 2011

Coming Soon....

As many of you will know, our annual Expat Explorer survey is one of our most valuable assets. Since its conception in 2008 it’s grown into the world’s biggest survey of expats detailing almost every aspect of a life abroad. As you can imagine its provided us with some fascinating data which at HSBC Bank International we’ve used to better understand the challenges faced by the expat community and how we can better serve them to make their lives easier.

However, as many of you know, expats can be a notoriously independent bunch and like to make their own informed decision. With this in mind we're extremely excited to tell you that on Monday 21st March 2011, Expat Explorer will be launching a new interactive tool. The resource will contain the complete data from our 2010 survey and its three component reports: Expat Economics, Expat Experience and Offshore Offspring. As you can see by the screenshots below its going to give users the chance to interact with the survey on an unprecedented level.

Make sure that on Monday you’re one of the first to check out the tool and be sure to share it with all your expats friends or those who might be considering a move abroad!

If you moved abroad what would you want to know?

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