Friday, 17 December 2010

Offshore offspring launches today!

‘Offshore Offspring’ the third report in HSBC’s annual Expat Explorer survey launched today! The report focuses on expat children and the best places to bring them up abroad. A league table has been compiled focusing on childcare, health and wellbeing, and Integration.

Source: VirtualWayfarer

The report looks at expats’ perceptions of various aspects of raising children abroad including: the cost of raising children, the quality of the education and childcare services, changes in their children’s diet, activities after relocating and the ease with which children are able to integrate into new cultures.

A league table has been produced, which ranks the countries in terms of key elements:


-Health and Wellbeing


The report has uncovered some really interesting findings with Belgium voted by expats as the location with the best opportunities and experiences for children:

-81% of expats based here agreed they had seen an improved standard of education in comparison to their home country while 68% thought the quality of childcare had improved.

-Belgium-based expat parents also benefit from some of the cheapest childcare, with 65% now paying less for childcare than in their home country.

In addition, the results revealed some other interesting things about life abroad:

-The rest of mainland Europe was not far behind Belgium’s lead, with Spain (2nd) France (3rd) and Germany (5th) all featuring within the top five of the Offshore Offspring league table.

-In contrast, the USA and UK hold the bottom spaces in the league table, ranking 13th and 14th respectively.

-Two-thirds (66%) of expat parents felt that their child’s safety had improved upon relocation.

-Those in Asia and the Middle East saw the biggest improvement in child safety levels upon relocation, with expats in Hong Kong (94%), Singapore (90%) and Qatar (89%) most likely to be reporting a marked improvement in their perceptions of their child’s safety.

-The UK is the worst performing country for both the childcare and the health and wellbeing categories when expat parents were asked to compare it to their home countries.

If you’re interested in the full report and how individual countries fared, you can visit our website to find out more.

Do these findings reflect with your own experiences? Let us know.


  1. Just took a quick glance at it. Interesting for sure! Will save the .pdf to look at more carefully and in depth another time. Thanks Katy and everyone who put this together!

  2. Hope you enjoy reading it Naomi!


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