Tuesday, 21 December 2010

“A day in the life of an expat”

Are you an expat based in the UAE, South Africa or Hong Kong? If so, get in touch with us now!

We are in the process of seeking prospective contributors to appear in a series of short promotional films to be made in conjunction with HSBC & BBC Worldwide. These will be broadcast on television and on the internet in April 2011.

The campaign aims to capture ‘a day in the life’ of an EXPAT and bring to life the challenges and opportunities created by a new life abroad. We are seeking interesting individuals from a number of countries, who would be happy to share their experience and offer a snapshot of EXPAT life.

If you are interested in applying and are based in either the UAE, South Africa or Hong Kong, then please get in touch with us now! Simply fill out the details below and email your answers to expatexplorer(at)googlemail.com with the subject “A day in the life of an expat”- NAME.

This is quite short notice but the closing date is 8th January 2011.

Required information:

o Name
o Age
o Contact number
o Profession
o Country of origin
o Country of residence
o What made you want to move?
o Why that particular city/country?
o Do you have any family with you?
o Did you suffer from culture shock at any point?
o What line of work are you in?
o What work challenges have there been & how have you overcome them?
o What financial challenges have you faced?
o What benefits have you had from the move?
o What hobbies/interests do you have?
o What opportunities has the move given you, which you weren’t able to get from your home country?
o Can you recommend one place you insist on taking visiting family/friends from your home country? (Think insider/local knowledge than the usual sight-seeing opportunities)
o Have you appeared in front of a camera before?
o Availability between end of January- beginning February- Yes/No

The next stage would be to set up a brief video conference call to talk about your answers and any further questions we might have. This will happen in the first week of January 2011. We would hope to confirm the successful candidates soon after that date.

In terms of filming, we would need approximately 2 days of your time at the end of January 2011/first week February 2011. This would involve an informal and relaxed interview on camera, to get a sense of your experience and provide the spoken element of the film. To illustrate this and create a visual ‘day in the life’, a discrete film crew (of no more than 2-3 people) would also follow you at work, at home and out-and-about enjoying your leisure time. Ideally this would involve both day and evening filming, to truly encapsulate your daily life.

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