Friday, 5 November 2010

Best place for quality of life abroad

The second report in HSBC’s annual Expat Explorer survey launched today! The report focuses on expats' experiences of setting up in a new country of residence, integrating into local society as well as their quality of life in comparison to where they used to live.

Expats rated aspects such as entertainment, healthcare, work life balance and social life. This year’s findings revealed that Thailand comes on top when it comes to quality of life, followed by Canada- 2nd and Bahrain- 3rd.

In addition, the results revealed some other interesting things about life abroad:

• Emotive concerns such as making new friends or missing family back home are among the biggest worries for expats when moving abroad. These worries were also more prevalent amongst female expats. Nearly half of female expats surveyed (48%) admitted concerns about re-establishing social life in their new country ahead of relocation, compared to only 37% of men. Meanwhile 44% of female expats shared concerns about missing friends and family, compared to less than one third (29%) of men.

• Increased career prospects and quality of life don’t go hand in hand. The last report found that expats living in countries such as Russia and Saudi Arabia have the greatest overall wealth. However, when it comes to quality of life, these countries typically scored very low on the league table with Qatar 19th, Saudi Arabia 20th and Russia 24th out of 25 countries.

• Expats choose to spend more time with their own expat friends, rather than making new friends in their host country. Overall, more than half (58%) of expats agreed that they’re more likely to go out with expat friends rather than local friends. However, expats in Qatar (85%) and the UAE (84%) are most likely to only integrate with fellow expats, followed by Bahrain (81%), Hong Kong (79%) and Saudi Arabia (73%).

• Expats in Canada are most likely to integrate within local society and make friends in their host country. Nearly half (45%) of Canada based expats go out with local friends as much as fellow expats, alongside expats in the USA (37%) and Australia (36%).

If you’re interested in the full report and how individual countries fared, you can download it here.

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  1. Very interesting data about expat interaction. It really is hard to find that balance between locals & fellow expats.

  2. I agree - Thailand is great for expats. Live in Bangkok offers a lot of the amenities that you're used to, yet it is easy to enjoy simple pleasures, the people are friendly and very open minded.

  3. Its really hard to set up if you are a new residence of your new expat country.

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