Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Web Wednesday #5

Common mistakes in moving abroad

If you’re an expat in the Netherlands then you’re probably aware of insego- the “smart expats network”. It’s another brilliant example of a great online expat community, where expats share their experiences, interact and meet with each other. Even if you’re not based in the Holland, there are some excellent resources that apply to anyone working and living abroad.

Paul Allen, one of the blog’s contributors for example shared a blog post on the “Common Mistakes in Moving Abroad”, including:

• Choosing the wrong country
• Choosing the right country but the wrong region
• Underestimating the impact of cultural shock

How many have you made?

Expats suffering from identity crisis

In our post about Third Culture Kids, we mentioned how they can often face many challenges including loss of identity, feeling out of sync with their peers and experiencing the breakdown of social support networks. Well this feeling is not unique to offshore offsprings, many expats can also experience the same feelings of detachment in their new host country.

Despite living in Canada for the past two years, Russell Ward still feels like a “passer-by watching someone else’s party through the front windows of their house.” This is especially true during national holidays and celebrations. Without the historical understanding and cultural grounding of events such as National Day, Thanksgiving Day and Teacher’s Day, it is hard for expatriates to celebrate the occasion the same way a local would.

Thinking about moving to London?

We came across this great series of videos produced by moving2London with tips from arranging your Visa to organising your National Insurance number. A must-watch for any expats thinking about moving to the UK.

Picture of the Week

This week’s Picture of the Week features this buzzing district in Osaka.

Remember to submit your pic of the week to @expatexplorer and we’ll be showing the best we receive on next week’s Web Wednesday!

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  1. Thank you Sharon for featuring Insego, we at Insego are thrilled to be featured by you and let me tell you are doing an amazing job. HSBC Bank International should be proud to have its name here. Seriously! Bea Stanford-brand and web strategist.


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