Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Web Wednesday #4

We have some great links to share with our readers this week. First up…

Odd facts about the German beer festival

September and October is the time for Oktoberfest, a German beer festival in Munich. Oktoberfest is a world famous celebration of German beer, visited by almost 6.4 million people over 17 days of non-stop beer drinking. Sounds too good to be true? Well, hear this out- the beer festival is so popular that they even have an app for people to find out available tents, opening hours and even a beer counter to keep track of your alcohol intake! There are similar beer festivals throughout Germany. This past weekend for example was the German beer festival in Stuttgart, where this fellow expat discovered a few strange facts about German beer festivals.

Let’s meet up!
Meetup is a brilliant website that allows you to either start your own Meetup Group or find one of the thousands already arranging to meet up via this website. J D V for example organised this Meetup Group specifically for Chicago-based expats. We think this is a great tool for new and even existing expats to meet up or join local groups and meet new friends

Is this the funkiest house in Japan?
This reminds us slightly of Escher’s never-ending staircase, but we came across this unusual-looking three-story house situated in the middle of a Japanese district in Tokyo which we found pretty bizarre.

Petit Paris in Russia
We were amazed by Carole Pompon who fell in love with the Russian countryside and decided to build her own eco-guest house. One of the hardest challenges for Carole to overcome was getting construction materials, finding good workers and applying for credit. Russia Today’s Prime Portrait shares Carole’s story of determination and perseverance to build her dream hotel.

Picture of the Week
Thanks to @Fashion_butter for this week's Picture of the Week. Wonder where the path leads to...?

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