Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Web Wednesday #7

The five stages of culture shock

Culture shock is a process that affects people from all walks of life and can be used in differing contexts. Expats as well as travellers and tourists can suffer from culture shock.

It refers to the process of coming to understand and adapt to their new environment through daily interaction and situation. There are usually five stages to culture shock and these include:

1. Honeymoon phase
2. Negotiation phase
3. Adjustment phase
4. Mastery phase
5. Reverse culture shock

What’s interesting about this article we came across is that instead of pigeonholing people into the stages and finding out which stage each person is at, they suggest taking a different approach and encourage expats to approach their new environment through the lens of “perspectives” rather than stages.

Is Rome one of the world’s best places to live?

Are you seeing a running theme in our Web Wednesday links? Just as people say that their university is the best university, some expats will say the same about their host city.

Italy-based expats may agree with this article we came across on Shelter Offshore. Its great città d'arte (cities of art) offers “an inimitable blend of history, art, culture, life and opportunity” for new expats looking for life abroad. Do you agree?

Comparison of International Cost of Living

One of the major concerns for any expat thinking about moving overseas is the cost of living in their new country and how these costs compare with those in their home country.

Indexes like the Big Mac Index offer a fun way to compare the cost of living. However, this is not the most practical method for expats-to-be. In a special report conducted by Expat Info Desk, they explain the cost of living index and take a look at how costs of living comparisons can be used to understand salary requirements when planning to move abroad. Essential reading for all expats.

Picture of the Week

On the theme of cost of cost of living, we came across this brilliant infographic on the Top 10 most expensive cities to live in for this week’s Picture of the Week.

(Click for larger image)

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