Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Web Wednesday #6

Time for another weekly dose of expat links on the web this week. Enjoy!

The Expat’s Guide to Gift Giving

For many expats working abroad, October is a good time to think about Christmas presents. While living abroad is an amazing experience that allows to you to be exposed to different cultures, there are certain times in the year where you yearn for loved ones back at home. Christmas for example, is one of those times, especially for those who are unable to go back home.

Mother’s day, birthdays and Christmas can be a headache for expats trying to work out the optimal time to send cards and presents. That is why we found Lisa’s guide to gift giving so useful. It gives some great tips on how to plan out your year, when to send out cards and how to make sure everything goes accordingly to plan.

How to make friends in Germany

When you first move to a new country, getting your bearings and familiarising yourself with immediate surroundings can be difficult. Expats have to juggle a whole host of things ranging from organising finances, sorting out utility providers, to making sure that the right healthcare provisions are in place. Often, the easiest and quickest way to integrate into your new environment is to befriend a local or another expat that has been there for a couple of years who can show you the ropes. This blogger found that making an effort to meet one new person each week and getting to know them on a one-to-one basis can do wonders, especially in cultures where the natives are more reserved.

Is Hong Kong one of the world's best places to live?

If you’ve ever had those “I want to live here!” epiphanies then you will be able to relate to Lucy Jackson.

Within the first 24 hours of visiting Hong Kong, Lucy was captivated by the charms of this “Fragrant Harbour” and its unique East-meets-West vibe. Read about Lucy’s story and decide for yourself whether Hong Kong really is the best place to live.

Picture of the Week

Thanks to Peg for providing us with this picture of the week. Can you figure out what it is?

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