Sunday, 31 October 2010

Top 10 Expat Explorer blog posts

Can't believe it's November already. Here are the most read posts from October to ease you into the month.

1. Guest Blogger Series: Introducing… Aaron White- thinking about moving to the UAE? Englishman in Dubai answers five top questions to prepare you for the move.

2. Guest Blogger Series: Introducing… Maryline- Maryline explores why the French find it difficult to say ‘I Love You’.

3. Expat guide to healthcare- Find out what you need to be aware of in terms of healthcare provisions before you move.

4. There’s no taste like home- What home comforts do you miss the most?

5. Web Wednesday #5- looks at commons mistakes in moving abroad and expats suffering from identity crisis.

6. Web Wednesday #7- links looking at the five stages of culture shock and comparing the cost of living.

7. Guest Blogger Series: Introducing… Rachael White- indulge yourself in Rachael’s post about the season of expat life.

8. Breaking the language barrier and the joys of expat slang- share your experiences of lingo faux pas here.

9. Expert Excellence featuring George Eves- Find out the story behind the founder of Expat Info Desk.

10. Guest Blogger Series: Introducing… Marie Brice- A tip a day keeps the expat blue away.

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