Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Web Wednesday #2

“A collection of interesting expat links on the web”

So, it’s Wednesday again which can only mean one thing – it’s time for a roundup of the top stories we’ve seen this week!

“I’m and expat get me out of here”

So today is the Mid Autumn festival in China. Traditional festivals in your new home can be a great way to experience local culture but as Chelsea Girl in China found, not everything about them is always a fun cultural experience. Read about Chelsea Girl’s experience of that traditional Chinese mooncakes, which are traditionally given at this time of year.

10 Interesting Ways to Learn Spanish

Often when moving to a new country mastering the local language can seem like a long laborious process, if sometimes near impossible! We came across this blog post by Cathy at Expat Daily News that offers some great tips to make language learning a little more fun. The advice is specifically for those trying to learn Spanish but the tips would work for any language.

The Marais Americanizes

As the world we live in becomes increasingly globalized it may be the case that you find new countries don’t really feel all that new. Or if you have lived abroad for a long time your new home could be starting to increasingly feel like your old, with familiar shops, restaurants, or coffee chains popping up around your once foreign neighbourhood. We came across this interesting post by an American living in Paris who describes this dilemma.

Picture of the Week

And to the first of our picture of the week slots, we have to thank Nick Edin for this great photo of Mount Cook, New Zealand. We think it just has ‘wish you were here’ written all over it...

Don't forget to submit your pic of the week to @expatexplorer and we’ll be showing the best we receive every week!

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