Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Web Wednesday #3

“A collection of interesting expat links on the web”

Once again we have a collection of interesting things we found on the internet this week:

100 reasons to become an expatriate

First up, if you’re ever feeling down about your expat experience and need a little reminder about why you became an expat in the first place then this site is a great place to head.

DeeAnne at ‘Live the Charmed Life’ have compiled 100 reasons to become an expatriate. A few of our favorites from the list include:

• You want life to be an adventure
• You love to travel, but you want to experience another country as a local
• You want to live in beach hut, and own nothing but swimsuits and sarongs
• You’re certain you’ll be the next champion Samba dancer in Brazil
• You want to watch the South African wine industry evolve from a front row seat
• You want to become a karaoke star in Tokyo

Most active country on social network sites

We know all our readers love social media (you are reading this blog for starters) and according to a new survey some of the greatest users of social media sites are found in the UAE despite restricted access in the work place. Only people in Brazil, Spain and Ireland identified themselves as more active users than those in the UAE, according to the poll. Do you agree?

Bring home the Kiwis!

Opinion over Marmite is divided- you either love it or hate it, but here at Expat Explorer, we are loving Marmite's newest campaign to repatriate 100 Kiwis for Christmas. Even Australia-based expat, Carlo who initially disliked marmite (or vegemite as it is in Australia) slowly came round to the taste. The trick being loads of butter, a thin spread of Vegemite/Marmite, and slabs of aged cheddar on toast. We’d be interested to find out whether there any foods that you hated when you arrived in a new country but slowly came round to liking, or even loving?

Picture of the week

Thanks to Elisa- @Hipmom for submitting this week’s “Picture of the Week”. Given the grayness of the London skyline today we are very jealous of the blue sky.

Don't forget to submit your pic of the week to @expatexplorer and we’ll be showing the best we receive on next week’s Web Wednesday!

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