Thursday, 23 September 2010

There’s no taste like home...

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We recently blogged about how expats can long for the trivial familiarities of daily life back at home. No matter how much you’re enjoying the local cuisine in your new home we’re sure every expat can name some foodstuffs from their home country that they crave. Whether it’s Hershey’s chocolate, Heinz baked beans or Betty Crocker cake mix, the reality is that in many far flung places this foreign fare is simply unobtainable. Even when your new home has similar products to your old one (the Vegemite versus Marmite debate, anyone?) many remain patriotically loyal to their ‘home’ brands.

We came across this interesting competition run by Marmite on their website where the brand has decided to recognise its loyal following amongst New Zealanders abroad. To celebtrate its 100th birthday, Marmite will be bringing 100 Kiwis out of the 600,000 living abroad, home to New Zealand for Christmas. Expats from New Zealand can enter by simply answering the question on why they think they deserve to be brought back for Christmas as well as the things they miss most about home.

With the growing number of websites allowing people who live and work abroad to purchase home comforts, we found it very interesting to see how brands are taking a pro-active stance in engaging with the expat community who are missing their much-loved brands.

Have you come across any other interesting brand engagement targeted at the expat community? If so we’d love to hear from you. Leave us a comment below.

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  1. Wow, that's really cool! I've never heard of any company doing anything like that. It's great that they realize how much people miss the comforts of home. In the future I'm sure more companies will be turning their attention toward the expat demographic.


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