Thursday, 9 September 2010

Best expat views

We blogged about favourite expat views back in July about how powerful certain images are at evoking emotions, be it of familiar feelings of home or anticipation of where you’ll be relocating next. As jet-setting savvy adventure-seekers, expats today have a certain air of worldliness about them and we can tell that from the conversations that are taking place on expat forums and Twitter.

The Challenge

We wanted to get a real sense of where in the world our followers are living and working in, so on 8th September 2010 (a rare numerical phenomenon known as sequential day) we tweeted:

(Ok- so not quite perfect as 12:34 56.7 8.9.10 but we tried)

To get the ball rolling we posted up a photo of our expat ‘view’...

As you will agree, not hard to beat.

The Results

We’ve had amazing response from our followers that really highlights the diverse environments expats are working in. Here we wanted to share a selection of these photos that ranged from the urban jungles of Dubai to those quaint villages in Japan.

We enjoyed pictures that showed...

... the serene beauty of Morrocoy, Venezuela (provided by balancedmp) ...

 the high-rise metropolis of Dubai (Nick_Edin).

Followers also shared their pictures from ...

... the cultural centre of Moscow (Eirrann)
 the idyllic outskirts of Japan. (survivinginjapan)

We also had...

.... quiet banks of Holland (americancloggie)...

 the energetic beaches of Bermuda (AliHicks)

We loved receiving all these snaps from around the world, showing such variety. Unfortunately we couldn’t post all the photos up but thank you to all those who tweeted us their pictures.

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