Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Which expats are the hardest working?

We’ve spoken before about whether expats are more creative than their stay at home counterparts, or whether expats are getting younger. But which expats are the hardest working?

With many expats moving abroad in search of increased career opportunities, undoubtedly many are already researching into expected salary levels and career prospects within their chosen country. But, how much do expats take into account the working hours and holiday allowance in their new destination? Both of these factors are important for those who want to guarantee a good work / life balance in their new country and shouldn’t be overlooked.

So, according to a Reuters / Ipsos poll we saw on the Daily Telegraph this week, it turns out that France is the place to go for those who value a relaxing lifestyle.

Workers in France are most likely to take advantage of their full holiday allowance (89%) followed by Argentina (80%), Hungary (78%), Britain (77%) and Spain (77%) who dominate the top five spots, which demonstrates how dearly the Europeans value their time off work!
However, those who enjoy long haul trips and long relaxing breaks from work shouldn’t look to Japan. Unfortunately it scores lowest of all 24 countries surveyed, with only 33% of employees using their full holiday quota.

Of course, all expats have different factors that influence their decision to move, but it’s important to make sure you do your research on the points that are important to you – whether that’s work life balance, language barriers or career opportunities. It’s always great to hear your thoughts on what you look for in an expat location, so get in touch with your stories!

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  1. So taking advantage of your paid time off means you don't work as hard? I respectfully disagree! It means you manage to do your job during your work days, without having to see earned vacation time go to waste.
    When it comes to expats, my experience shows they often work HARDER than the locals -- probably because they care about keeping their job to maintain their immigration status, unless it is because they gave up their home to find themselves a new place to live and need to fully support their dream?

    Who knows! :)

  2. Hi Maryline,

    Thanks for your thoughts and great to hear your viewpoint.

    We agree that vacation time is hard earned and many expats across the globe work tirelessly in their chosen profession. Maintaining a work life balance is crucial and time off to explore their new home is an important part of the expat experience!

    The 2010 Expat Explorer survey will shed some interesting insights into how expat lifestyles vary across the world so keep you eyes peeled and hopefully we can spark some more debate.


  3. So true Maryline!
    Expats often feel they gave have more to live up to as 'imported specialists' however the ones who work smarter instead of harder - and take their annual leave - also have the opportunity provide good role models for their fellow local workers.
    And Sharon - exploring our new environments is part of the work smarter ethic as well as recreation... Thanks for providing such cool food for thought - great topic:)

  4. That's very true. Thanks Marie!


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