Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Top 10 Expat Explorer blog posts

In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of our most read blog posts this month:

1. Five essential apps for Expats – our post on apps for expats is the most read post of the month. If you have an iPhone then be sure to check out our top apps for expats

2. Guest Blogger Series: Introducing... Bryce Keane – in second place is guest blogger, Bryce Keane's tips and advice for expats in London

3. Expat children and the unique experiences of Third Culture Kids – a look into the unique challenges of being a Third Culture Kid

4. How to prevent the culture shock of repatriation and feel as if you’ve never left – Expat Explorer shares our five steps to minimise reverse culture shock

5. To be or not to be - should expats give up their home citizenship?

6. Guest Blogger Series: Introducing... Rebecca Self – adding to the top ten most read blog post, another instalment to our popular Guest Blogger Series where Rebecca shares some of her tips on the logistical challenges of becoming an expat

7. Expats in business – a quick look into the types of challenges expat entrepreneurs face when setting up their own business abroad

8. Breaking the language barrier and the joys of expat slang! – Avoid language faux-pas and deal with the local lingo

9. Guest Blogger Series: Introducing... Chelsea Christensen – our special guest blogger- Chelsea shares her story on successful expat romances

10. Expat Lifestyle- Creating a home from home – finding home comforts can be difficult. Expat Explorer shares some great websites on where to get goods from home

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