Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A preview for things to come

The result from our most recent blog poll is in! Thanks to all those who voted, giving us a glimpse of things to come in our 2010 Expat Explorer survey which is due to be released soon. Now in its third year already, Expat Explorer is the largest global survey of expats from all over the world.

So what did our blog poll reveal? We asked the question on whether expat life means you are better off financially through our blog and on Twitter. After a week of voting, 54% say they feel financially more secure as a result of living and working abroad. Compared with last year’s Expat Economics, this result is in line with the 68% of expats who said that they are saving and investing more since moving away from their home country.

We thought we’ll highlight some of last year’s findings below and we’ll be waiting for the 2010 results with eager anticipation.

Expat Economics 2009

• Expats in the US, Thailand and South Africa were most affected by the credit crunch
• Almost half of the expats in the UK considered returning home
• The UK was the worst for saving behind Spain and France
• Despite economic crisis, expats were wealthier and saved more than in their country of origin

Stay tuned, as we will shortly be releasing the first instalment of the Expat Explorer series – Expat Economics – which will reveal even more about the financial aspects of expat life and which locations are home to some of the wealthiest expats.

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