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Expat Lifestyle- Creating a home from home

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As varied and interesting as the expatriate lifestyle can be, we all have moments when we miss aspects of home. Expats often cite family and friends, as well as the weather and social norms as things they miss the most. But sometimes it can be the more trivial familiarities of daily life one craves; ranging from magazines to shampoo, from television programmes to something as simple as sliced-white bread.

Getting hold of household brands from home can help expats feel more settled abroad. The excitement of seeing a Tesco, Carrefour or a Wal-Mart may bewilder those at home, but the prospect of being able to stock up on home comforts can make a real difference.

We thought we’d share some great websites which might provide the products and services which you remember so fondly:

• Expats living in Belgium, France, Germany, Holland or Luxembourg might benefit from the extensive range of international TV and radio stations provided by Expat TV
• American groceries and candies are available for expats living in mainland Europe or the UK via Lets eat direct
• Those seeking British brands will love Expat Essentials’ one-stop expat shopping service for all those favourite British foods that you miss
• Our Aussie friends might find Food Shop perfect for some therapeutic browsing (and buying)
Expat Marketplace might be useful for expatriates looking for household furniture and appliances
• For Asian entertainment and fashion needs, Yesasia and Yestyle might just be sites you’re looking for

As always, we’d love to hear from our readers. If you have any further recommendations for fellow expats, let us know.


  1. Food is always on the top of my list when I pack my bags in France to return to the US (my new home).
    Last year I was over the moon when I found my favorite cereal in a south-american chain of grocery stores in NJ that carries Nestle's Chocapic!! If you need to find them too, let me know, I'll share my secret with you!

    European fine foods are hard to find here but cheeses are not the hardest, thank Goodness.

    If you all know of an affordable online grocery store that carries good French products, I am a taker!

  2. Hi Maryline,

    Thanks for your post. We thought you might find the following website of interest:

    This online store offers a range of French delicacies including desserts, meat and dairy goods. Shipping is available throughout the USA and whilst it might not fulfil all of your everyday needs, there’s certainly an appetizing range of foods available for you to enjoy.


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