Friday, 30 July 2010

World's Costliest Cities Revealed

Many factors are important when expats are looking to make the big move. Language barriers, the different culture, the ability to find a job (if you’re not moving with your company of course), but how much does the cost of living affect your decision?

The Daily Telegraph today has picked up on the latest Mercer Worldwide Cost of Living Survey which was released in June this year. The survey shows that surprisingly, cities within developing countries are actually more expensive than their Western counterparts, with African and Asian cities dominating the top spots. The most expensive city is now Luanda (in Angola), followed by Tokyo and Ndjamena (the capital city of Chad). With the inclusion of Libreville (capital of Gabon) at number seven, three African cities actually made the top ten for the first time, showing the growing economic importance of the continent.

Mercer Senior Researcher Nathalie Constantin-Metral explains, "Many people assume that cities in the developing world are cheap but this isn't necessarily true for expatriates working there. In some African cities, the cost of this can be extraordinarily high - particularly the cost of good, secure accommodation," she said.

Switzerland leads the way in terms of the most expensive European cities, with both Geneva (5th) and Zurich (8th) appearing within the top ten whilst USA only makes one appearance in the top 50 – New York comes in at number 27.

So, how much does the cost of living affect your choice to move abroad, and do you agree with where your city scored in the rankings? Let us know your thoughts!

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