Monday, 26 July 2010

How the expat community is hitting the airwaves to send that lonely feeling packing!


We wrote a blog post earlier in the month on whether expats are more creative. This week we thought we’d touch upon the subject of whether expats are lonelier and how the expat community is working together to overcome some of the unique challenges the lifestyle presents.

As attractive as the job prospects of moving abroad and the potential life experiences of an expat may sound, many expats living abroad will know the reality that expat life is not all glamour.

Often the initial couple of weeks can be especially difficult as this American blogger living in the UK explains:

There is no about that the expat life can come with crushing loneliness, especially in the early days. Getting used to a new country, culture, potentially language, food, and life in general is difficult enough. Doing it solo, with no spouse or family to rely on for guaranteed support, this life can be really, really hard.”

It sounds pretty daunting doesn’t it?

Thankfully however it is not all bad the expatriate community is becoming increasingly creative in looking for ways to send that lonely feeling packing.

For example, just this weekend, we came across this article in the Telegraph about an online radio station, Expatsradio, which aims to provide an online platform bringing expats together and providing a little something for everyone.

Expatsradio provides potential and existing expats all over the world with information on issues such as finance and law and entertainment programmes and is already proving a hit with the expat community, experiencing up to 1000 listeners a day. As Peter Anstis, the founder says, “Most of us are expats ourselves, and we know how lonely it can be. We think that this station can help people abroad feel more connected.”

Here on expat explorer we are always looking for practical advice on how to make transition to expat life easier so please do share your top tips!

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